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One of the most difficult aspects of counselling often occurs even before you see a therapist. Deciding to seek assistance from a counsellor is one of the most powerful steps in addressing issues and seeking change.

In clinical therapy people discuss their thoughts and feelings that may be of concern. We explore how these thoughts and feelings can impact on ourselves, our partners, families and work. The objective of the process is to assist people to gain new ways of thinking and behaving. The counselling process helps people to discover ways of replacing unhelpful forms of thinking and explore and practice different ways of behaving.

Counselling can be provided on a one-to-one basis or with a partner, family members or other significant others

We are professional, registered and accredited counsellors. All of our therapist are highly trained and with speciality areas for which they are well renown. We only employ therapists who can be Medicare registered providing you with confidence that they have the highest qualifications and professional accreditations.

We work from the position that all individuals have strengths that with professional counselling can help them to achieve personal satisfaction and happiness and we would be delighted to help you on this journey.
— Suzanne Doorakkers (Director) BA, BSW, MSW, AMAASW, AMHSW